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Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Established in 1958, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) was tasked to ensure that the United States would never again be vulnerable to an adversary's technological surprise. For 50+ years, DARPA has worked hard to successfully provide that edge. DARPA has been described as a lean, agile organization with a risk-taking culture. DARPA program managers are independent thinkers, full of energy and ideas—all with one vision: to make a difference. XPD is proud to provide the business infrastructure for DARPA program managers and their world-changing technology programs.

Quoting from DARPA's 2013 Framework Document: Driving Technological Surprise: DARPA's Mission in a Changing World

“To deliver on our mission, we challenge the status quo and think outside of, and well beyond, prevailing perspectives. Our Defense leadership demands this view—thinking in new and disruptive ways—to create better options for the future. DARPA gives the technology community, both inside and beyond the Defense establishment, a way to reach past the conventional organizational constraints that often limit innovation. We encourage a different mindset. Our unique mission—focused on Defense science and technology, but enlisting and empowering the broad community of innovators—drives all our work and lays the foundation for our disproportional effect.”

Science and Technology Directorate

Department of Homeland Security emblem

Created in 2001, the Department of Homeland Security has a vital mission: to secure the nation from the many threats our nation faces. The Science and Technology Directorate is the primary research and development arm of DHS. From the DHS official website, it states: “The Science and Technology Directorate was established by Congress to provide innovative solutions to the nation's homeland security challenges, S&T is the core source of scientific and engineering expertise for the Department and uniquely postured to enhance our nation's security and resiliency.”

An excerpt taken from the November 2009 Roadmap for Cybersecurity Research states:

“The United States is at a significant decision point. We must continue to defend our current systems and networks and at the same time attempt to “get out in front” of our adversaries and ensure that future generations of technology will position us to better protect our critical infrastructures and respond to attacks from our adversaries.”

XPD Analytics provides business infrastructure for the S&T Directorate’s Cyber Security Division assisting them in reaching their goals of creating a safe, secure and resilient cyber environment and promoting cybersecurity knowledge and innovation.